There’s power in numbers and there’s power in unity – Martin Luther King Jr.
Together, we can build a Plateau State for the people. I invite you to be a part of this mission, every donation you make bring us closer to achieving our dreams.
2041208836 | First Bank | Team Alex

this a trying time all over, and we need to also embrace peace to be one on the plateau lets work together in giving peace a chance lets also not forget to give a youth the chance to make a different because the future is now.

• Reinvent a system to maximize the potentials these natural resources offer in a bid
to attract tourism and improve trade and investment consequently providing
income and revenue for the state.
• Ensure environmental protection and preservation.
• Embarked on research on natural resource management, challenges, and successes
• Redesign and improve our waste management system.
• Emphasize planting of trees and control of deforestation.
• Increase local participation in natural resources.???
• Proper mapping of natural resources for marketing purposes.
• Mineral resources processing.
• Ensure ecological management of mining ponds.
• Provision of complementary facilities within established development roadmaps.

support to build a better plateau

acc 2041208836

acc name: team alex

bank name: first bank


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